The Modular Pack is the perfect combination between the Techit and Voltaic Pack. For this second generation of Greyscale Maps, I went all in to provide the best quality possible when it comes to displacements.

This Pack includes:

  • 20 Modules with 5 different blends each.


  • - 100 Maps 8K resolution.
  • - File Size : 3.18 GB compressed archive (3.87 GB after extraction)
  • - Compatible with any 3D software or render engine.

All the maps included are in 8K resolution 16bit png format

Landscape Kit

The Landscape Kit is one of the first product of it's kind, I wanted to give a smart and easy way to create and customize the outcome of the land, by giving out some compositing choices when texturing the landscape. This kit gives you the opportunity the play around premium world machine raw outputs without the hassle of learning world machine and render out large bitmap files.

Landscape Kit - Ruin

Landscape Kit - Valley

Greyscale Maps

I make Greyscale Maps, with unique theme that can be used in any 3D Software. Mostly used as Bump and Alpha Mapping to create textures and give your models cool looking features, they can also be slightly displaced on subdivided surfaces to create elevations and give volume/depth to your scenes. Those Packs have become a huge part of my daily workflow, I hope they become your go to library as well.

Price of 5 Packs bought separately = $49.95 

Price of 5 Packs in the bundle = $39.95 (20% OFF)

TFMStyle Bundle.jpg


Give your models some cool looking Bumps with this Tech/Mechanical Theme Pack.

This Pack includes:

  • 120 Greyscale Maps
  • Tech/Mechanical Theme
  • 6K Resolution

Retina Pack

Give your models some cool and unique looks with this Nerve/Fiber Theme Pack.

This Pack includes:

  • 115 Greyscale Maps
  • Nerve/Fiber Theme
  • 2K Resolution

Brush Pack

Create unique textures and looks with this handmade Brush Pack. All The Brushes can also be ''Define as Pattern'' inside of Photoshop, for custom Brush Presets.

This Pack includes:

  • 280 Greyscale Maps
  • Handmade Brushes
  • 50+ Brushes in 4K Resolution
  • 4 Cinema 4D Project Files

Grunge Pack

Give your models some cool Grungy textures with this Tileable Grunge Pack.

This Pack includes:

  • 50 Greyscale Maps
  • Grungy/Rust Theme
  • Tileable 2K Resolution

Voltaic Pack

Give your models some cool looking Bumps with this Electrical/Current Theme Pack. 

This Pack includes:

  • 90 Greyscale Maps
  • Electrical/Current Theme
  • 4K Resolution