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My name is Constantin Paschou Aka The French Monkey. I'm a visual artist based in Athens Greece. I was originally born and raised in Grenoble, France until I became 13. I'm a Self-Taught artist, who started a couple years back with photography and slowly learned about lighting, compositing and retouching. was created in 2015 just to have a place to showcase all my projects, and a couple years later, it became so much more!

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the team wouldn't be what it has become without the help and support of these people.

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Andreas Tripos Aka ObserverDoel
Assistant Manager & Product Designer

Products created by Andreas

I'm a majestic creature that can usually be found in Athens, Greece. I studied fine arts for most of my life while dabbling in graffiti, crafts and the graphic arts, but ended up doing fashion design and later, entered the world of 3D. Nowdays I spend most of my time doing Hardsurface design in a dark room along with my pet cat while eating ice cream.

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Nick Scarcella Aka NSCR
HDRI Creator

Products created by Nick

I'm a Sound and Motion Designer currently based out of Los Angeles. I'm originally from Orlando, Florida and after spending a few years working in audio post in NYC I moved out to California to expand the scope of my work. I enjoy developing stories and making tools to create them. I love to travel, so making HDRI's was a natural choice!

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Evain Titouan Aka Walk'N
Hardsurface Designer

Products created by Evain

I'm a Hardsurface designer with mechanical/ product designer degrees based in Bretagne France. I've always been passionate about mechanics, aeronautics and technology, creating or inventing things. When I was 20, I tried to go to the French Air Force, but I was missing the freedom of creating things so I didn't continue. I discovered 3D and I forced myself to learn every day for almost a year because I had finally found a universe that mixed everything I was looking for.


Mario Zdragas Aka Social Actors
Marketing Manager

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist, working between Athens and London. After years of experience on the field of Digital Marketing, I’ve been running my own project! since 2016 our Digital Marketing Agency, Social Actors, has worked with numerous brands around the globe. Working with artists is always a pleasure, especially since the “TFMSTYLE” project consists of such talented, hard working professionals.