HDRI Pack - Neon Dreams

Cool and easy solution for your daily designs and projects

hdri - nd pack.jpg

Product Overview

The Neon Dreams are finally here to bring you night vibes and low light reflections into your scenes. This pack is ideal for all your abstract/scifi creations with surreal and colorful lighting! 

This Pack includes:

  • 20 HDRI images
  • 20 Thumbnails
  • Prepped for the HDRI Link plugin from GreyscaleGorilla


Due to the nature of how this pack was shot, the stitches in the images aren't perfect for background compositions, but great for quickly creating Bladerunner/GITS type of reflections.

NOTE: These images are compatible with all render engines.

    All the assets of the HDRI Pack - Neon Dreams were made by Nick Scarcella (NSCR)

    thumbnails of the 20 HDRI included

    Render made by  Nick Scarcella

    Render made by Nick Scarcella

    here are the 20 different reflection you will get from this HDRI Pack