The Collective Week

The Collective Week was put in place to implement a wider collection of styles and assets in this Open Source Library, that would be provided by different C4D artists, by giving a piece of their own knowledge that could benefit the community.


As an independent artist, the concept of giving away personal research and work with no compensation is a very hard thing to do! and I must admit, I grew up in the days where if you had an idea or a talent, you'd  better keep that to yourself so that no one could copy or steal it from you. The last thing you wanted  was to give that away to random people over the internet…

But, since then, community have been created all over, and it felt more convenient for people to provide knowledge to help others, because, believe it or not, the satisfaction of helping someone or knowing that you've helped in a way or another will always be priceless…


As a community, my job, as yours, is to provide… to provide for future generations, to take away the painful way of learning we had to endure in schools and give out the lessons we gathered throughout those years, to build a better bridge between knowledge and creativity. to give the chance to anyone wanting to get into this art, a better starting point, a modern starting point.

That's the philosophy I had 20 months ago when I started this project, that's the philosophy I wish someone I knew had when I first got into this art. That would have saved me a lot of time trying to figure out stuff by myself.

But, thankfully I did learn from the best:


The Collective Week #1

The Collective Week #2

The Collective Week #3

The Collective Week #4

the collective week #5

The Collective Week #6

The Collective Week #7

The Collective Week #8

the collective week #9