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The TFMStyle Everydays project is dedicated to all Cinema4D users.
It is the biggest Open Source Archive Library of C4D projects files and assets available online.
It's only purpose is to educate and share knowledge with the Cinema4D community.
Over the course of the last couple years, over 800 projects have been uploaded on the site and shared.
More than 400,000 downloads have been made worldwide, helping out thousands of artists, teacher and whole studios.

The Collective Project was put in place to implement a wider collection of styles and assets, that would be provided by different C4D artists, giving out a piece of their own knowledge that could benefit the community.

Look at all the contributions here: (Collectives tab)

Terms and conditions

By sending me your files, you must accept to the terms of use, which goes by the following:

''I (your name) agree that my project (project name) will be shared as part of the Everydays project under the TFMStyle trademark as a Creative Common - CC0 license (CCO = Public Domain) Thus, I also accept that any of my assets from this file could be used for educational and commercial purposes.''


File and render Format

In order for me to share your file, a couple of modification needs to be done inside of Cinema4D:

  • Your name and site on top.

  • The render Camera needs to have a Protection tag on.

  • Your lights sources needs to go in a ''Lights'' null.

  • All other Parts and models in a ''Scene'' null.

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  • Still image default render size should be 2048x2560

  • Animation default render size should be 1080x1350 (but a Still image 2048x2560 also needs to be rendered as well)

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  • Once Your scene is setup be sure to ''Remove any unused materials'' (Function > Remove unused materials)

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  • After you can export all assets by going to File > Save Project With Asset. This will create a new folder with the Cinema4d save file and a ''tex'' folder (if textures were used).

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  • Be sure to give a name to your project and compress it before sending it to me, I'll add a date once I know when it will be on the site!

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Note 1

Inside of the project I will add The README text, stating the creative common license, your social links as well as mine.
So be sure, to leave all your links in the form submission below so I can add them correctly!

Note 2

I usually promote inside of my files my own products. If you would like to promote something of yours, let me know!

Renderers supported

  • Cinema4D Standard and Physical Renderer

  • Corona Renderer

  • Octane Renderer (recommended)

  • Redshift Renderer


Software supported

  • Most third party software allows free sharing of their assets, like World Machine, Substance Designer/Painter, Fusion 360, Moi3D, 3DCoat, ZBrsuh, Houdini, Photoshop, Dazstudio (only poses)


Plugin supported

  • I haven't used any third party plugins for Cinema4D yet, except my own, like NoiseScape, HLS Pack, and my Skin Control (Still to be released)

  • Forester does not allow free sharing of their meshes… so no forester for now.


Assets supported

  • Down below you'll find some samples from my Packs, those can be used as you want, you can of course provide your own textures, or reuse any asset from any of the projects already uploaded on the site!

  • Make sure to not use any third party stuff, like licensed models/textures/images and other.

  • Be careful when using HDRI's … those needs to be free as well!


Free Assets and useful links

Download open source HDRI's here:
Download my packs samples:
Download my 8k kits samples:
Download assets and other free stuff here:

Be sure to send me your file as soon as you have it, so I can schedule it.



  • Make sure that your compress .rar project file is under 200MB in size (recommended) optimization is the key.

  • You don't need to send your post-process save files from photoshop or after effects.

  • I recommend you send only your c4d save file (tex folder) and your final processed image preferably in .jpg format.

Each project will be scheduled for upload on the site as soon as they get approved. They’ll also be uploaded on the official TFMSTYLE account and my other socials as well.
If you have any other questions, hit me up directly on social media or contact me via the Contact form tab of the site.

Keep on rendering...
The French Monkey


Make sure to re-check all your assets you'll be providing in your project!
Source all your free assets coming from other free and open source sites allowing redistribution!
Any maps, textures or layers from or other similar services like, CANNOT be shared under an Open Source license, thus, will not be accepted.

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