Fractality Pack

Get inside the world of Chaotica Fractals.

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Pack Overview

Since the start of my Fractality Project back in 2015, I kept a lot of files from my personal designs and patterns collection. I am giving away all my research from those last couple years to anyone wanting to get into the fractal art using Chaotica.

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out this software, but my understanding on how to use it is still very limited. However, having this library at hand gives me the opportunity to simply load a file in Chaotica and alter the setup.

Hopefully this pack will help you out as it did for me. Cheers.

The Blurred Border Pack was made by Marlon Portmann, who is a more experienced Chaotica and Apophysis user, he gladly jumped into this idea and  kindly provided a lot of his personal save files as well. Big thanks to him for his generosity, His work will surely help along the Chaotica Community. 

You can find Marlon on Insta and youtube 


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Fractality Pack includes

- 137 Chaotica Save Files
- Thumbnails for each save file

Blurred Border Pack includes

- 42 Chaotica Save Files
- Thumbnails for each save file

Thumbnails from the Fractality Project included in the Pack

Thumbnails from The Blurred Border Pack

Here are a couple Screenshots of the Chaotica interface.