What to do when waiting for a render!

I saw the other day a video from the Maxon booth at Half Rez 5, where Fred Huergo from ManvsMachine was talking about how they made the VERSUS teaser, showcasing the new features of Cinema4D R18. It's always nice to see how small companies are able to make this kind of things. Their ways of working around concept ideas, and being able to come up with solutions and workarounds to make stuff quicker.

But, the question always remains the same for everyone.

You're sitting in your chair, all the modeling, lighting, texturing and test renders are done, everything ''apparently'' looks good enough for the final render in 4K with GI and AO of course! You also crank up that sampling subdivision to get that smooth DOF Because why not! You press that render button, wait a couple minutes just to see if everything is working, and then... You just wait! The anticipation to see that glorious black screen slowly filling in with colors is so big that you can't really focus on something else. You know it's probably gonna take an hour, probably two, or even more. But, you just wait, starring at the screen while listening to music.

In his video, at the beginning, Fred Huergo was showing some images of the inside of ManvsMachine quarters, where they had some pretty cool options to choose from while waiting for a render to be done. Playing Ping Pong indoors, taking a walk around the canals in London, or even socializing a bit more with the other team members. It's these little things, these little distractions that can make a company be more innovative and effective. To have in overall, a better creative thought process within all their team members.

That's all good if you work in a company like ManvsMachine, but, what if you're working home alone like I do? Without the comfort and the motivation or others around you? Without Ping Pong Tables, Canals, or even a second computer to be able to make more stuff while the render is doing his thing?

It's a question that I had to make to myself today, and really try to focus on the subject to find an answer! Not only for me and my own sanity, but also to give you guys something to think about as well.

I've been waiting a render to be done for about 21 hours as I'm writing this, and it's the first time, in about six months that I couldn't touch Cinema4D in my daily routine. I've already cough up with all the youtube channels I follow, I've checked my emails, facebook, instagram, twitter, listened to music for about ten hours straight, washed the dishes, fed my guinea pigs three time already... It's a lot I know! Started American Dad, I've seen the first ten episodes. I've done some changes to the website as well. But, for some reason, I still feel I haven't done anything meaningful today.

So I started thinking about what this website needed, and for so long I've been wanting to start some ''first action'' blogging, to give a little more about myself, some insights of the projects I'm working on, and get a little closer to you guys, so yeah... I create this Blog tab, where hopefully I will be utilizing my time wasted starring at my renders to something more meaningful and productive. 

So, why don't you start blogging as well?

As a Visual Artist, all my work is mainly focused around the image, I'm working with shapes, perspective and colors. I don't really go in depth, explaining why I came up with this concept and this design or this color theme, or even what it represent for me personally, at a sentimental level. Visual Artists are usually not very good at explaining the meaning behind their artworks, because as we all know, an image equals to a thousand words, and a lot of times, it's just a long story brah! Where should I even begin?

The trouble all Visual Artists have to deal with their creations is the same for everyone. Explaining the true meaning behind the images, and what it really represents. Artists are good at keeping their thoughts and feelings to themselves, by sharing them over other mediums of communications than words. And that's a beautiful thing!

And yeah... My render just finished. I don't really know where I was going with this, but I'm just gonna leave it as it is. Feel free to leave a comment, I'll be writing more stuff in the upcoming days.

Peace, and keep rendering.

The French Monkey