Get creative, but not too much!

Today, I wanted to take a little bit of your time and talk to you about the process I have while working on my dailies. Where I find my inspiration, how do I keep coming up with new stuff on a daily basis and why being creative every single day is a bad idea!

Making one piece of art every single day is sounding exhausting just by saying it! and it can sound ridiculous when you know that Beeple have been doing it for 3508 consecutive days… I'm like ''how'' everytime!

But, as I went by doing my dailies I learned a couple of tricks to pass by the hard days. Yeah, those days… When your psychology is not on point, when you have your ''men's period'' (it's a thing, google it, I'm not crazy!) and where you just have no time or patience to just sit and do stuff!

The famous extra folder… it's a sin… it's the devil… but it's ok to use it when you're desperate!!! I started the Everyday's in April, but I started uploading the projects files the 11th of April, back then I knew what I was getting into and I was totally prepared for it! I started smashing those 3d models and rendering like crazy, I even modeled a car in 3:30 hours… Creativity over 9000… I was so into it!

However, I had a meeting already planned in Athens during this month and I knew I would be away from my computer for 7 days! I thought… easy, I'm just gonna put Cinema4D into my brothers shitty laptop and everything is gonna work fine! my renders will not be pretty but at least I'll have something to upload! If it was up to me, I would have taken my desktop computer, but you know… heavy stuff cost more to travel with!

I arrived in Athens, first thing I did was to see how Cinema4D would run on my brothers laptop… and funny story… it wasn't working, nothing… blank… rien du tout! I was so upset! I started a daily project and I was already having some complications the first month! I tried to find some alternatives but nothing was working, and I knew, for a week I couldn't upload shit! I did got that job interview tho… but who cares!

I lost 7 days of the Everyday's project, so to be fair I've been uploading for 218 consecutive days… but 235 project files are on the site! so you know… just go with it! When I got back in Thessaloniki I had to find a solution, for when I wouldn't be able to be near my computer, and since I got that job, I'll have to literally move to Athens in a couple of days again!

So I created this Extra folder in my Everyday's main folder, where I would put some extra project files that looked cool but didn't made it as an official daily upload the day I made them. And as it turned out, the extra folder is a life saver! I personally hate using it, cause for me it takes out the concept and meaning of a daily! but, since I can't do otherwise for now, it's the only solution to keep a daily upload schedule, and not miss a day! cause keep in mind that I also upload all the project files, and for me that's more important, to be able to give out my stuff for free on a daily basis!

I'm sharing this with you because next week I will be flying to Italy, Milan for 3 days and I will not have my computer with me! so… Some extras are gonna fill up those days! just so you know…

You don't need to be creative at all to start a daily project… It's easy! Just make a base model, render it a couple of times while changing your mood board and the perspectives and voila… you just made a week's worth of uploads in a couple hours. Or, you could keep the lighting and textures and make a variant of the base model. In any case, this will save you some time and help you with your lighting and texturing skill.

A lot of designers are doing it, to really analyze and work with a single piece of elements at a time, and it's working with little effort! So if you want to start a daily project, this is the way to dive in… smoothly.

Personally I have never reused any of my models so far, I don't like to share the same stuff, and you will probably never see the same model in any of my project files. But, I do like to reuse my textures and lightings. Cause this is probably what makes my renders… Mine, and there is no need to change that every single day, I am more into the modeling part of it, and I like my lighting to keep this kind of personification that is slowly progressing each day. And if you've been following my lighting setup and textures, it's simple and effective!

Coming from a Photography background, and having worked a lot in studios, my lighting setup was most of the time the same, because it was working for me and for what I wanted to create! So, when you find the lighting that ''represent'' you, keep it, and slowly improve it!

It might not sound as helpful to you yet, but from my personal experience, finding that perfect track to put you in the creative mood is a must! I am a very creative person, only because I find the right music to put me into that mood when I'm starting making stuff!

Think about going to the gym without your music… There's something missing and you know it, because you get bored easily! I started using Spotify a month ago, and I just love it… there's literally ''mood'' playlists you can choose from! so good…

This is pre elementary stuff but you know, it's good to hear it again from time to time.

When I'm modeling stuff, I always do it with short breaks in between, and usually I model for half an hour and then I pause everything just to look at it and think what should I make next! and yeah… no need further explanations, but I wanted to put it here, because I do a lot of speed up makings of the modeling parts where the breaks are not visible, and you all lose your mind on how awesome I am, but no, I do take breaks, I'm a simple man! keep in mind that I'm still learning a lot of stuff, and 3D modeling need some time to process, just to really be able to visualize what you are going for! So, take your time…

Let's talk about inspirations. you probably heard it, but, to become better at what you want to achieve in life, you need to find the people that are already making it, and follow them!

Fuck originality. Everything has already been done, so don't worry about that. (at least for now) It's all in the process of making it, having goals and trying to reach those by learning more and more everyday about your craft. I'm not the best at what I do, and I will probably never be the best at anything, but, I'm progressing and I can see that by myself!

It's hard to come up with good stuff everytime, I'm not Beeple, or hoodass, or even Philip, to be able to provide quality renders every day! There's times where I don't like my render at all, but, this was the best thing I could come up with during this day.

Be able to share the good as well as the bad stuff is really important, not for the criticism and comments, no one really need those, but only to be able to trace back where you started, and see that progression by yourself, this is the only way you will be able to see where you're going!

When I first began this project, I would never have thought that, I would still love it after 8 months, and I'm just getting started. Since then, I was able to make my own products, my own custom library, free packs and a Plugin. I found a way to make a little money out of my open source project that I started, just because I wanted to get better at modeling!

I found a way to be 100% original in my work, by trying to redo what I've been learning and seeing from the people that I am following all those years! So find those people you're interested in and follow them up close, because what they are doing is working and you can see why!

Peace and keep rendering… 

The French Monkey