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The TFMStyle ecosystem is based around free knowledge flowing. My goal, since the beginning has always been to share useful assets and projects for all Cinema 4D Users and visual artists. To create a better bridge between knowledge and creativity to anyone looking for a head start in this 3D industry.

90% of the work I put out there is open source and available to anyone. This consist of daily C4D project files (700+ projects) and a multitude of free libraries and tools that will help you out in your journey of becoming a better visual artist.

10% of my work and personal research is sealed, behind a Case with a price tag. This consist of my line-up of products that have become my daily go to libraries for creating even better artworks. With hundreds of sells each month, this allows me to live comfortably doing what I love, which is sharing free projects and assets on a daily basis for the community.


The Affiliated Program

The program was put in place not only to expand the reach of my products with a wider audience, but also to give back to the people that have been supporting this community. By giving a cut of my revenue to anyone wanting to step into this business, and earn incomes by promoting organically great products already renowned in this growing industry. If you used and loved any of my products and want to get the word out there, I'll make sure you get a fair piece of it.


How does it work?

The Affiliated program couldn't have been made easier. It's a couple steps setup to start sharing your favorite products and earning a revenue based of your audience.

  1. Choose between the products you would be interest in sharing on your own. (check out the products below)
  2. Check out the sharing methods that would be more suitable for you. (check out the methods below)
  3. Create a Gumroad account (that's where your transactions will happen)
  4. Send me your submission when you're ready with all the necessary informations.
  5. After your evaluation, I'll confirm your submission and send you a unique affiliated link (or multiple links) for the products you choose.
  6. Start sharing.


  • Why Gumroad? - Gumroad is the store I use currently for selling my products online, it's by far the most reliable service for me!
  • Does Gumroad keep fees? - it will keep fees on my end! You will get the full amount of your commission!
  • How do i get paid and when? - Gumroad will do a paypal transfer each week on your account!
  • How much commission will I get? - your cut for the affiliated program may vary from 10% to 20% on each sales. The commission percentage will depend on your evaluation.
  • How do i get evaluated? - Based of the submission and information you give, I'll do my homework to see to profitability of your current audience.
  • Can anyone submit? - Anyone can submit of course, but i'll give a better evaluation (bigger percentage) to the clientele that has already purchase the product and actually used it in his projects.
  • What audience do I need to make sales? - Target the artists close to you, that already follows your work and knows about your field, they might need that product more than you think!
  • What's an affiliate link? - An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate's ID, is this case, your Gumroad account.
  • How does the affiliate link work? - After you start sharing your affiliated link, Gumroad will track each visit. If this potential customer makes a sell within 30 days of visiting your link, you will get credit for the sale!
  • Where does the link redirect? - The link will just redirect to my usual product page on Gumroad of the specific product you're affiliated with.
  • Will I get notified of the sales I've made through The Affiliated link? - Yes, In your Gumroad account you can check your current revenue!
  • Are your products selling? - Yes!
  • Is this legal? - Yes, 100%
  • Is there anything else i will have to take care of? - Nop, that's it!

1- Product List

These are all the Products that you can choose to be affiliated with! New products may be available 3 months after their release.

Products Eligible for the Affiliated Program:


Bundles Eligible for the Affiliated program:

  • Greyscale Maps Bundle
  • Greyscale Pro Maps Bundle
  • Greyscale Kits Bundle
  • Landscape Kits Bundle
  • Greyscale Suite Bundle

2- Promotion Methods

It might seems hard to have to promote a third party product to be able to earn some income, sharing on your profile might not even be what you're looking for.
My goal here, is not to incite people to go spamming their links all over the internet to attract people, this is not what i'm looking for! The TFMStyle trademark is a learning experience, I want you to get on board in this industry, see the right steps that I have personally taken in creating this branding ideology.

I want to give you some more suitable methods to organically promote a product.
I want to give you ideas on how my business model in setup and running.
I want to show you, how I turned my passion into a comfortable living.

And who knows, when sales are coming in, maybe you'll get motivated to start something similar on your own.
That's what I'm looking for!
That's what I wish I could have learned a couple years back, from someone trustworthy!

Let's get to work!

First of all, once you receive your affiliated links the best think would be to create short links via Bitly, this will allow you to track down each clicks and keep all your links ready to copy paste when needed. I've been using bitly for the paste 2 years to track the downloads from my projects files, it is very useful and free! This will also create a new link a lot shorter, which is what we want for our social media post! You can also name your affiliated links to the respective product to know which link correspond to which product.



Promoting on Facebook & Twitter: 

Promoting on Facebook and on Twitter is pretty straight forward. The best way to organically attract people is to add an artwork where the products in question have been used for it's creation.

if you have used products in your own artworks be sure to let people know which product you've used!

If you do not have your own artworks to share, no problem, mine are public and free to use, no credits needed to repost, redo or even change! It's all public domain!

if you do not own any of my products but would like to test them out, I do have samples for you to check out and use freely in your projects!

Download my packs samples here


Promoting on your own Website:

If you have your own website with your own audience, setting up the affiliated links is even easier. All you have to do is add a clickable thumbnail with your affiliated link, add a little note underneath with the name of the product and that's it!

If you want to get more indepth with your description, I would recommend you create a dedicated page with some breakdown and examples on how you've been using the product in your own work, and add a ''Purchase'' button next to the products thumbnail with your affiliated link!


Promoting on Youtube:

Youtube can also play a major role in sharing products and other affiliated links. If you've been using my products and know how to use them, feel free to create a small tutorial on it. Let your following know how the products have been helping you out in creating better artworks, And put in your video description the affiliated link of the product in question. I'll be glad to promote and share your video as well on my socials!

3- Gumroad account


Creating a Gumroad account is the next step to take part in the Affiliated Program, this will allow me to create unique affiliated links for your account. The Gumroad interface is very simple to use.

All the sales made from your links will be visible on your ''Dashboard''! From the Settings you will be able to set up your paypal account under the ''Payout'' tab. the payout happens each week!

4- Submission Form

Name *
Affiliated Products
Choose the Products you would like to be affiliated with.
Let me know which product you have purchased from my store.
Promotion Methods
Let me know which promotional methods you're interested in pursuing.
Let me know how many people you or your brand are representing.
Copy Paste your social links, this way i'll get an insight to the content you're creating and your potential audience.
Write down the email you used to create your own Gumroad account. This is how i'll be able to affiliate products under your account.
Checkbox *
Let me know if you have anything else on your mind to add that I should know about.

5- Evaluation Phase

After your submission i'll take into consideration all the information you've provided me and evaluate the right percentage of each sales you'll get!
This could take me 2 to 4 days. You will be contacted via email if further information are needed. I'll also let you know my evaluation and the commission you will be provided with each sales.

6- Start Sharing

If both parties are satisfied with the offer, you'll get hoocked up with your unique affiliated link.
And voila! You'll start earning money in no time!